78 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14 percent trust traditional advertising.

Our customers are our best brand ambassadors. Customers decide when to Like, favourite, retweet and comment. Brand Management Agency creates positive online conversations surrounding your brand before the customers even need your products or services. At BMA we offer:


Social Media Activation

Brand Management Agency designs a creative and memorable social media strategy that brings your message to online communities. We fully implement the procedure and then evaluate the results to show ROI.


Social Media Training

Brand Management Agency will train you on how to build the best social media campaign for your need. We will guide you step-by-step so that you feel comfortable using the all of the functionalities, but we’ll also show you how to create great content.


Search Engine Optimization

When users Google specific keywords, a search engine results page comes up. How do you get your website or blog to come up first in the listing? We generate as much online engagement as possible to earn your way to the top of the list.


Search Engine Marketing

Companies should allocate a portion of their marketing to Google ads, AdWords, ads on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The cost of online ads can be significantly moderated and the reach is highly targeted.


Media Relations

Do you want your brand to take the lead on current topics and issues in the news? 60 percent of journalists get their news tips from LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. Brand Management Agency builds relationships with media outlets and bloggers before we even need to pitch them a news story idea.



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